Scientific Program

Time Place Session / Lecture Title Role Chairperson / Speaker / Panel member
08:40-09:00 Vista Hall 1&2(B2) Welcome Speech (on behalf of AMC LT Team) Speaker Sung-Gyu Lee Korea
09:00-10:45 Vista Hall 1&2(B2) [Symposium 1] LDLT - History of Success and Prosperity
Chairperson Yonson Ku Japan
Chairperson Deniz Balci Turkey
The first great step - The early history of LDLT Speaker Masatoshi Makuuchin Japan
Making an epoch - The first RL Adult LDLT Speaker Sheung Tat Fan Hong Kong
Establishing a kingdom - The golden age of Kyoto Speaker Koichi Tanaka Japan
Optimizing LDLT: Rooted in Asia, Blossoming Globally Speaker Chao-Long Chen Taiwan
LDLT flourish in Asia - Bright and dark side Speaker Chung Mau Lo Hong Kong
Current status and perspectives of LDLT in Western countries Speaker James Eason USA
Changing landscape: The current status of LDLT in China Speaker Xiangcheng Li China
10:45-11:15 Vista Hall 1&2(B2) Special Lecture Chairperson Masatoshi Makuuchi Japan
Institutional challenge to LDLT; Asan's way Speaker Sung-Gyu Lee Korea
11:15-11:30 Vista Hall 3(B2) Coffee Break
11:30-12:35 Vista Hall 1&2(B2) [Symposium 2] How to Keep Their Dreams: Pediatric LDLT
Chairperson Suk-Koo Lee Korea
Chairperson Nancy Ascher USA
Pediatric LDLT extending from saving life into improving quality of life Speaker Kyung-Mo Kim Korea
Special attention for a special patient - Technical aspects of PED LDLT Speaker Mohamed Rela India
How to raise them up - Long-term outcome of PED LDLT Speaker Mureo Kasahara Japan
CASE Presentation 1:
Liver scavenger? - Repeated Re-LT in pediatric patient at AMC
Speaker Jung Man Namgung Korea
CASE Discussion
Panel Member Kyung-Mo Kim Korea
Panel Member Mohamed Rela India
Panel Member Mureo Kasahara Japan
12:35-13:35 Vista Hall 1&2(B2) Luncheon Symposium I Chairperson Chao-Long Chen Taiwan
Once-daily immunosuppression in liver transplantation(Sponsored by Astellas) Speaker Pierre Clavien Switzerland
12:35-13:35 Walker Hall (1F) Luncheon Symposium II Chairperson Hoonbae Jeon USA
Hepatocellular cancer and liver transplantation: Scores yes, but what about immunosuppression? (Sponsored by Chong Kun Dang) Speaker Jan Lerut Belgium
13:35-15:00 Vista Hall 1&2 (B2) [Symposium 3] Controversial Issues and Challenges in LDLT
Chairperson Chung Mau Lo Hong Kong
Chairperson Soon-Il Kim Korea
Laparoscopic donor hepatectomy can be the practice of standard? Speaker Ki-Hun Kim Korea
LDLT for secondary liver tumors: Justified? Speaker Jan Lerut Belgium
Chronic immunosuppression and tolerance - Where are we? Speaker Nancy Ascher USA
How far can we go? - The limit of donor safety in terms of age, steatosis & remnant volume Speaker Kwang-Woong Lee Korea
CASE Presentation 2: Limit of donor age & hepatic steatosis at AMC Speaker Dong-Hwan Jung Korea
CASE Discussion
Panel Member Young-Kyung You Korea
Panel Member Toru Ikegami Japan
Panel Member Pierre Clavien Switzerland
Panel Member Kwang-Woong Lee Korea
Panel Member Rey-Heng Hu Taiwan
15:00-16:15 Vista Hall 1&2 (B2) [Symposium 4] High Risk Patient
Chairperson Takumi Fukumoto Japan
Chairperson Shin Hwang Korea
Chairperson Jiahong Dong China
Ethical issues surrounding adult-to-adult LDLT Speaker Gregory McKenna USA
Too sick to be transplanted - What is futile LDLT? Speaker Hiroto Egawa Japan
ABO incompatibility is not a risk anymore? Speaker Gi-Won Song Korea
Changing the paradigm in ALF management Speaker Paolo Muiesan UK
LDLT for ACLF Speaker Deok-Bog Moon Korea
16:15-16:30 Walker Hall Foyer (1F) Coffee Break
16:30-17:00 Walker Hall (1F) [Symposium 5] Beyond Horizon - Basic and Translational Research in LT
Chairperson Hee Chul Yu Korea
Chairperson Chong Jai Kim Korea
Liver, hepatocytes and stem cell derived liver: How similar, how different and what does it mean for research? Speaker Varvara Kirchner USA
Regional immune-regulation on liver graft injury - The application of systems biology Speaker Nancy Kwan Man Hong Kong
17:00-18:35 Walker Hall (1F) [Symposium 6] How to Improve Outcome of LDLT for HCC
Chairperson Mohammed Al Qahtani Saudi Arabia
Chairperson Doria Cataldo USA
LDLT for advanced HCC - How can we justify it? Speaker Shusen Zheng China
Down-staging - Is it bridging, neo-adjuvant or filtration? Speaker John Roberts USA
Tailored immunosuppression for HCC patient - Is it feasible? Speaker Gonzalo Sapisochin Canada
LDLT for HCC with macroscopic vascular invasion - Role of radiochemotherapy Speaker Sang-Min Yoon Korea
No-touch total hepatectomy technique in LDLT for HCC Speaker Deok-Bog Moon Korea
CASE Presentation 3: LDLT for advanced HCC at AMC Speaker Hwui-Dong Cho Korea
CASE Discussion
Panel Member Shusen Zheng China
Panel Member John Roberts USA
Panel Member Gonzalo Sapisochin Canada
Panel Member Sang-Min Yoon Korea
Panel Member Deok-Bog Moon Korea
Panel Member David Mulligan USA
18:35-18:45 Walker Hall (1F) Epilogue (Concluding Remark) Speaker Yaman Tokat Turkey
18:40-18:50 Walker Hall (1F) Group Photo
18:50-21:00 Vista Hall 1&2 (B2) Gala Dinner
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