Scientific Program

Time Session / Lecture Title Role Chairperson / Speaker / Panel Member
08:50-09:00 Introductory Remarks Speaker Ki-Hun Kim Korea
09:00-09:25 Live Demonstration: Case Presentation and Discussion Chairperson Gi-won Song Korea
Jan Lerut Belgium
Recipient profile (Dual living donor transplantation) Speaker Young-In Yoon Korea
Donor profile (Laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy, open left donor hepatectomy) Speaker Hwui-Dong Cho Korea
Today's case discussion Panel Member Guangxun Xu China
Panel Member Pham Huu Thien Chi Vietnam
Panel Member Sergelen Orgoi Mongolia
Panel Member Varvara Kirchner USA
Panel Member Je Ho Ryu Korea
09:25-10:55 [Session 1] Looking Back on the 5,000 LDLTs at AMC Chairperson Motohide Shimazu Japan
Kyu-Bo Sung
(Interventional Radiologist)
From the first to the 5000th Speaker Gi-Won Song (LT Surgeon) Korea
Sometimes soft and sometimes tough - Memories of an anesthesiologist during 5000 LDLTs Speaker Gyu-Sam Hwang (Anesthesiologist) Korea
My tips of endoscopic treatment of biliary complication Speaker Sung Koo Lee (Biliary Endoscopist) Korea
We should work together: Interventional radiologist - Pivotal partner of LDLT Speaker Gi-Young Ko (Interventional Radiologist) Korea
CASE Presentation 1:
The most difficult LDLT case in our memory at AMC
Speaker Young-In Yoon (LT Surgeon) Korea
CASE Discussion Panel Member Koji Hashimoto USA
Panel Member Gi-Won Song Korea
Panel Member Kiyoshi Hasegawa Japan
Panel Member Gregory McKenna USA
10:55-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-12:45 [Session 2] Pitfalls in Living Donor Hepatectomy Chairperson Hee Jung Wang Korea
James Eason USA
Donor complication including near-miss in AMC experience Speaker Dong-Hwan Jung Korea
How to evaluate biliary anatomy and divide bile duct Speaker Chih-Chi Wang Taiwan
How to handle anatomical variation Speaker Yaman Tokat Turkey
Minimally invasice donor hepatectomy - Where are we? Speaker Daniel Cherqui France
How to avoid technical complication in donor hepatectomy Speaker Susumu Eguchi Japan
CASE Presentation 2:
Have you ever met such kind of anatomical variation in donor?
Speaker Dong-Hwan Jung (LT Surgeon) Korea
CASE Discussion Panel Member Chih-Chi Wang Taiwan
Panel Member Yaman Tokat Turkey
Panel Member Daniel Cherqui France
Panel Member Susumu Eguchi Japan
12:45-13:30 Luncheon Session Chairperson Yang Won Nah Korea
Gregory McKenna USA
Interactive discussion about today's case Panel Member Dong-Sik Kim Korea
Panel Member Deniz Balci Turkey
Panel Member Chih-Chi Wang Taiwan
Panel Member Taizo Hibi Japan
Panel Member Myunghee Yoon Korea
13:30-15:40 [Session 3] Standard Implantation Techniques Chairperson Dong Goo Kim Korea
Daniel Cherqui France
Standardization of outflow reconstruction techniques Speaker Shin Hwang Korea
Middle hepatic vein reconstruction at bench table Speaker Rey-Heng Hu Taiwan
Portal inflow reconstruction Speaker Toshimi Kaido Japan
Tips on hepatic arterial reconstruction - How I do it Speaker Chul Soo Ahn Korea
Bile duct reconstruction Speaker Young Seok Han Korea
Right lobe LDLT with MHV and IVC reconstruction by using artificial graft- the experience of Nanjing University Speaker Beicheng Sun China
CASE Presentation 3, 4: PV flow steal after LDLT Speaker Jae Hyun Kwon Korea
CASE Discussion Panel Member Rey-Heng Hu Taiwan
Panel Member Toshimi Kaido Japan
Panel Member Young Seok Han Korea
Panel Member Dong Il Gwon
(Interventional Radiologist)
Panel Member Jan Lerut Belgium
Panel Member Deok-Bog Moon Korea
Panel Member Kenneth Siu Ho Chok Hong Kong
Case 3, 4 discussion summary Speaker Deok-Bog Moon Korea
15:40-16:10 Interactive Discussion Chairperson Koichi Tanaka Japan
Chao-Long Chen Taiwan
Today's case discussion Panel Member Koji Hashimoto USA
Panel Member John Roberts USA
Panel Member Hiroto Egawa Japan
Panel Member Paolo Muiesan UK
Panel Member Mohamed Rela India
16:10-16:25 Coffee Break
16:25-17:25 [Session 4] Postoperative Management Chairperson Kunmoo Choi Korea
Hiroto Egawa Japan
Prevention and management of infectious complication Speaker Sang-Oh Lee (Infectious Diseases Specialist) Korea
What's optimal immunosuppression after LDLT? Speaker Kiyoshi Hasegawa Japan
Timely detection of surgical complication Speaker Kyoung Won Kim (Radiologist) Korea
Treatment of surgical complications Speaker Toru Ikegami Japan
17:25-18:55 [Session 5] Overview of Technical Evolutions in LDLT at AMC with Video Chairperson Donglak Choi Korea
Yaman Tokat Turkey
LDLT for Budd-Chiari Syndrome Speaker Young-In Yoon Korea
Salvage LDLT & re-LDLT Speaker Shin Hwang Korea
Dual graft LDLT Speaker Sung-Gyu Lee Korea
Complete PVT - How to overcome Speaker Deok-Bog Moon Korea
Reversed MRL-LDLT by using donor with situs inversus totalis (Video) Speaker Tae-Yong Ha Korea
No touch left approach for right lobe advanced HCC to decrease HCC recurrence (Video) Speaker Gil-Chun Park Korea
Donor hepatectomy: Left trisegmentectomy with caudate lobe (Video) Speaker Dong-Hwan Jung Korea
18:55-19:00 Wrap Up Message Speaker Chao-Long Chen Taiwan
19:00 Group Photo
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